Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Erin Condren Life Planner

When I saw that there was an 'immediate ship' option I bit the bullet and ordered a very cute, pretty expensive, paper planner. This option of the life planner comes with a coupon code to order a personalized cover set for free.
I have always loved organizing and school/office supplies. I mean, literally, as a child I would spend my allowance all in one trip to Walgreens on pens and paper and post-its galore.

I love how convenient it is to add appointments and reminders to your phone because you always have your phone with you, it seems like the perfect set up. Still, I rarely utilize this feature. To me, it takes too long to enter items and I never think to refer to my iCalendar. I think this is the solution.

Also.. have you seen all the Instagram posts?! There is so much planner inspiration out there in the world. Colors, stickers, pictures, oh my! Needless to say I also followed my planner purchase with an insane amount of sticker purchasing on Etsy (just slap me, someone). I think that having the colorful pens and stickers to decorate your monthly and weekly pages really makes it a fun thing to plan your schedule and also makes you want to use it and refer to it. I have left it at home the last two days and been kicking myself!

Now they have a ROSE GOLD edition! Le sigh. 

Get $10 off your first EC order!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Original Beauty Box (YASSS)

You know when you just have one of those awful, terrible, no good days? That was me a couple of weeks ago. I decided buying this for myself was the answer. I have wanted and obsessed over an acrylic makeup organizer for years, doing days worth of research, comparing all the available options. So glad that I took the plunge because this Original Beauty Box is the answer to my makeup problems, friend! I am full-blown obsessed. 

I condensed three, 12"x12", entirely full plastic  drawers into this one box. Which also meant I let go of some older items that needed to be retired. Expired lip glosses, 3+ years old powders I never touched, dried up eyeliners... It felt so good to purge my stash! 

Besides the fact that this is shiny and beautiful on your vanity or bathroom counter, the best part of this is that you can see all of your stuff. I love that it makes me want to try different makeup combinations everyday, instead of reaching for the same routine products. 

The four bottom drawers have removal acrylic dividers in the center. 

The top drawer is smallest, with the 3 center drawers being the same mid-size and the bottom drawer being the largest of them all. 

Ohh-la-la-loving it!

I have my own acrylic lipstick organizers on top, that I got from the Container Store. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Weekend Adventures

Thursday night I got to have a girls night with my besties + their very sweet co-worker at the Houston Rodeo! Miranda Lambert was so good and its always fun to go out to the rodeo and let loose!

Have you had this from Starbucks?! Pretty damn good. 

FINALLY got an Erin Condren Planner... post coming on that!

Went to MOD Pizza Sunday - the cutest little shop with delish thin crust pizza that comes in 3 sizes - from a personal mini, to a larger mini and then a size to share. You can order a pizza off the menu or make up your own (think Subway or Chipotle style) and no matter what, its no extra charge for toppings! I thought that was pretty awesome. 

Friday, March 6, 2015

Starbucks HACK: Matcha Green Tea

A drink from Starbucks for under $1?! Sign me the hell up. 

I was skeptical when I saw this on insta but it's TRUE, you CAN order this and I have paid (at different Starbucks) from 0.22 - 0.87 for a Venti Matcha Green Tea. 

Order - Venti iced water with 3 scoops matcha.

Magical. Wonderful. Delicious. Cheap. Caffeine. 
You're welcome. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Feb Favs!

Jack's Special Grilled - Pepper Jack Stuffed Chicken Patties

I found these at Costco recently and they have been my jam. They may be processed and full of sodium but  it's a super easy way for me to add protein to a meal or even substitute for quick breakfast. 

Skinny Girl Popcorn

Also, not the cleanest option but low-calorie for those nights when you want something salty and crunchy! The back of the box pictures a Rosemary & Olive Oil flavor coming... OMG. 

First Aid Beauty Sleeping Cream

Picked this up in Sephora last month because I am always on the hunt for something new to slather on my face. This feels thick but my skin soaks to up so well that on some nights I add another cream on top. This is my first good experience with FAB - their other products did not agree with my ultra-sentive, dry, crazy skin. Two thumps way the hell up. 

Pound Workout

I saw this in a magazine and immediately went to their website to pre-order, like a crazy. Once I started using this at-home workout I fell in love. It has been easy for me to follow along and the workouts are usually 30 minutes, therefor easy for me to commit to. This is just plain fun and I am sweating after most of the workouts. Plus you get to play with drum sticks, yes please! 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My favorite, favorite thing

March 3rd.
My favorite day.

Today marks three years with Hubs. Three years that have been fun, difficult, exciting, challenging and rewarding. Three years ago today I spent all day with my favorite girls, married my favorite person and spent the night at the best party with all of my favorite friends and family. Today is, was, and will always be a good day.

Happy Anniversary, Hubs!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Weekend Adventures & Freshii

This is a protein cookie. It's called Perfect Cookie - at Whole Foods!

 Hubs and I went to the Galleria to run some errands and ended up eating lunch at Freshii in the food court. This place was delicious, affordable and stole my heart with the fact that they have green juice.

  I had the Mediterranean Bowl - quinoa, kale, feta, olives, red onion, cilantro, cucumber, tomato, almond slivers and chicken. Delicious!

We also tried out the restaurant at the new HEB on San Felipe - Table 57. You walk up to order and then it's a full service restaurant after your seated. They have cute outdoor seating with live music Friday - Sunday. What I loved most was that we needed to grocery shop and we needed to eat dinner so we were able to do it all at once - and then not shop while hungry (which is the worst for me!).

I had two sliders - beef and brie and pork with kimchi with a side of kimchi mashed potatoes for us to both try. Hubs had a cuban sandwich with a caesar salad on the side and loved his!

I am going to have a good week! It's our three year wedding anniversary and I have plans with friends to go to the Rodeo and see Miranda Lambert and we'll be rounding out the week with more packing. Oh well, it can't all be sunshine and roses!