Friday, March 13, 2015

Original Beauty Box (YASSS)

You know when you just have one of those awful, terrible, no good days? That was me a couple of weeks ago. I decided buying this for myself was the answer. I have wanted and obsessed over an acrylic makeup organizer for years, doing days worth of research, comparing all the available options. So glad that I took the plunge because this Original Beauty Box is the answer to my makeup problems, friend! I am full-blown obsessed. 

I condensed three, 12"x12", entirely full plastic  drawers into this one box. Which also meant I let go of some older items that needed to be retired. Expired lip glosses, 3+ years old powders I never touched, dried up eyeliners... It felt so good to purge my stash! 

Besides the fact that this is shiny and beautiful on your vanity or bathroom counter, the best part of this is that you can see all of your stuff. I love that it makes me want to try different makeup combinations everyday, instead of reaching for the same routine products. 

The four bottom drawers have removal acrylic dividers in the center. 

The top drawer is smallest, with the 3 center drawers being the same mid-size and the bottom drawer being the largest of them all. 

Ohh-la-la-loving it!

I have my own acrylic lipstick organizers on top, that I got from the Container Store. 

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