Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Feb Favs!

Jack's Special Grilled - Pepper Jack Stuffed Chicken Patties

I found these at Costco recently and they have been my jam. They may be processed and full of sodium but  it's a super easy way for me to add protein to a meal or even substitute for quick breakfast. 

Skinny Girl Popcorn

Also, not the cleanest option but low-calorie for those nights when you want something salty and crunchy! The back of the box pictures a Rosemary & Olive Oil flavor coming... OMG. 

First Aid Beauty Sleeping Cream

Picked this up in Sephora last month because I am always on the hunt for something new to slather on my face. This feels thick but my skin soaks to up so well that on some nights I add another cream on top. This is my first good experience with FAB - their other products did not agree with my ultra-sentive, dry, crazy skin. Two thumps way the hell up. 

Pound Workout

I saw this in a magazine and immediately went to their website to pre-order, like a crazy. Once I started using this at-home workout I fell in love. It has been easy for me to follow along and the workouts are usually 30 minutes, therefor easy for me to commit to. This is just plain fun and I am sweating after most of the workouts. Plus you get to play with drum sticks, yes please! 

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