Monday, March 2, 2015

Weekend Adventures & Freshii

This is a protein cookie. It's called Perfect Cookie - at Whole Foods!

 Hubs and I went to the Galleria to run some errands and ended up eating lunch at Freshii in the food court. This place was delicious, affordable and stole my heart with the fact that they have green juice.

  I had the Mediterranean Bowl - quinoa, kale, feta, olives, red onion, cilantro, cucumber, tomato, almond slivers and chicken. Delicious!

We also tried out the restaurant at the new HEB on San Felipe - Table 57. You walk up to order and then it's a full service restaurant after your seated. They have cute outdoor seating with live music Friday - Sunday. What I loved most was that we needed to grocery shop and we needed to eat dinner so we were able to do it all at once - and then not shop while hungry (which is the worst for me!).

I had two sliders - beef and brie and pork with kimchi with a side of kimchi mashed potatoes for us to both try. Hubs had a cuban sandwich with a caesar salad on the side and loved his!

I am going to have a good week! It's our three year wedding anniversary and I have plans with friends to go to the Rodeo and see Miranda Lambert and we'll be rounding out the week with more packing. Oh well, it can't all be sunshine and roses!

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