Monday, July 14, 2014

Bernie's Burger Bus

When Houston's #1 food truck opened their first brick and mortar location Hubs and I could not wait to try it. We had never eaten at the truck and were very anxious to visit this new, trendy little burger joint in our neighborhood. The school bus motif carries throughout the whole restaurant with faux lockers, desk-chair table tops and a school bus facade through which the food is served.

The 'Core Classes' burger menu was cute with names like 'The Substitute' and 'The Kindergartners' (two sliders) but we got really excited when looking over 'The Extracurriculars'. They have hand-cut fries (laced with truffle oil!) and sweet potato fries but oh my goodness things don't stop there. They also have 'Blue Cheese Fries' (blue cheese and bacon), 'Chili Cheese Fries' (self-explanatory) and 'The Honor Roll' - fries topped with bbq brisket, bbq sauce, bacon, cheddar and green onions. YUM. 

Hubs ended up choosing 'The Bully' - a classic burger with two patties while I opted for 'Study Hall' a burger with cheddar, bbq sauce, crispy pork belly (what!) and onions. We also split truffle fries - they were ok. Tasted more like the parmesan topping than truffle at all. My burger was AMAZING but Hubs was unimpressed, overall, at the amount of food for the price. 

Bottom line: would we go back? Yep. It was delicious, albeit pricey, but so close to our house that its an inevitable food stop. If you live in Houston - check out Bernie's.

I felt like you needed another close-up of my pork belly goodness. You're welcome. 

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