Tuesday, August 13, 2013

weekend in austin

I got to end my "birthday week" on a high note visiting my mom and family in austin! always full of fun, girly stuff like pedicures and mimosas, i can truly say i LOVE visiting mom! this was our first trip in the hubs new car and it went (mostly) well! we are preparing for our huge road trip to northern Alabama for Thanksgiving, so this was nothing in comparison. My weekend via instagram:

A new MK watch from the family for my birthday!
One of my favorite photos of my late grandmother. Looking exactly as I will always remember her: classy and fabulous. 
The "PBLT" at The Noble Pig in Austin - pork belly, lettuce and tomato (on home made bread!)
My birthday drink of choice, the "pepperita": rum + jalapeƱos + agave. 
The open road on our way home Sunday - a very nostalgic drive for me. 
Celebrating for no reason when we got home. Cheers, dahhhling!
My very cute dog, looking very badly like she needs a trim. Or maybe a nap. 
Sunday night green smoothie making time! YUM!

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  1. Pretty MK watch :) Is it rose gold? If it is, make sure you keep your watch in a ziplock bag when not in use! Or even the box that it came in! My rose gold watch ended up tarnishing due to the heat and humidity in my room :(