Thursday, January 29, 2015

New Year, Fresh Start

At the first of the year I purchased this Suja 3 day cleanse from Costco. I thought that this was a great deal, since it was $20 and I buy mine at Target for $3.99 each. This boxed set came with 9 juices and a meal plan guide for your detox - this was not a cleanse without food, hooray!

The meal plan included encourages you to eat 3 clean, healthy meals during each day and even comes with several recipes, which I really liked. Now I am not going to lie - I totally did not follow their food guidelines but instead placed these into my regular meal plan, replacing some snacks with these juices.

The box it comes in at Costco with the included meal plan and directions. 

Suja Organic Spicy Lemonade - Drink upon waking 30 minutes or when you get hungry. This was way less spicy than I thought it would be and pretty sweet  but it was easy to drink and pretty good - like lemonade sweetened with maple syrup and a dash of spice. I had no problem starting my day with this juice!

Suja Organic Green Greatness - Drank 30 minutes before lunch or mid-morning snack. This was by far my favorite of all the juices - I just love the fresh, 'green' taste - like 'Greenaid' from Whole Foods almost. I drank this at about 11 every day before my lunch. 

Suja OrganicVanilla Nutz - Drank 30 minutes before dinner or as afternoon snack. I should preface by saying that I hate bananas. That being said, I did choke this down on day 1 and then gave the other two to my friend. It tastes like sweet banana milk and there is really no other way to describe the distinct flavor. 

Bottom line: I don't think this is a crazy, super detox but I do think it's very do-able for anyone. Anyone can commit for 3 days. Anyone can eat 3 meals and 3 juices. And while you might not loose 10 pounds or be stuck on the toilet, eating clean for 3 days straight is good for everyone no matter how you slice it. I love this because it encourages good, healthy eating habits!

Have you tried a juice cleanse?

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