Sunday, November 2, 2014

October Hits & Misses


La Croix carbonated water. Obsessed. Cherry Lime is my jam. Find these at Target!

Sometimes my Tory flats are too dressy (or uncomfortable) for what I will be doing that day. Sometimes I need a pedicure and can't wear sandals. Sometimes the Converse Chuck Taylor Shoreline Sneakers are the perfect addition to what I got goin' on. Comfy and no laces to tie!

Chobani Pumpkin Greek Yogurt - all pumpkin, all the time. This is seriously the best pumpkin flavored yogurt that I have tried so far!

Blanket scarves are all up on all of our fav bloggers. So I snagged this (under $20) version to add to my fall clothes lineup. Side note: suuuper soft.

FALL TIME! Pumpkin spice everything, Halloween, dark lips, darker nails, tall boots, chunky sweaters (ok, maybe not in Houston just yet), scary movies, autumn colors... just everything about my favorite season is upon us. Yay!


Not having a rice cooker. I cannot seem to correctly cook rice on the stove! Getting a rice cooker, STAT.

Simply Balanced brand Blueberry carbonated water. Don't buy this Target brand version of La Croix. It's not worth the 50 cents you'll save, as it has a way more distinct fake flavor, that is also distinctly disgusting.

Kat Von D Mascara. The weird brush intrigued me but its strange spiral-ness and extra long bristles made it too easy to poke myself in the eye and space out my lashes very spider-like. Not cute.

Working out. I didn't do it. Not once. In all of October. November - I'm coming for you!

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