Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Motivational Monday.

What a great Monday to start my week! Things have been getting crazy in my world - it was Hubs birthday then Valentine's (two things that always knock me off my routine) and with my best friends wedding coming (and all those fun activities that go with it) I have been focused on anything but myself and I could feel the difference. Tired, headaches, little to no motivation to do much more than hang with the hubs after work. I always feel better when I work out - always - its like a miracle 'drug' to my system and for the first time in a couple weeks I woke up early, put in a DVD and got to business this morning! Even though it was cold in my apartment and the bed was calling my name it was so worth it and it was so gratifying to have that under my belt and done for the day! I encourage you to start your day off with a workout - it makes the rest of the day seem like a piece of cake!

thankful for: hitting 10k views! and my sweet, sweet Hubs for commemorating it with pink champagne! have a lovely day!

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