Thursday, July 18, 2013

First Order of Business

Buy shit.

This is always key for me when really "getting into" something. Ok maybe this is a secret way of indulging my love of shopping while justifying it as "healthy money". Who can be mad at you for spending money on things to benefit yourself?!

First up I ordered  the newest at home DVD program from beachbody - Focus T25! It retails for $119.99 with free shipping currently. Of course they serve you some Home Shopping real-ness with the flex pay (3 auto-debit installments of 39.99).
This is a 25 minute, 5 day per week, 10 disc system that is divided into two parts: "alpha cycle" and the "beta cycle" with a third "gamma cycle" available for separate purchase. It also includes a meal plan, workout calendar, bonus stretch DVD and (pink!) resistance band among a few other add-ons.

I am really excited to try this - Insanity always seemed really daunting to me because of the 60 minute time - that is just too long. I am a little nervous at the intensity level of these workouts but I feel like I can do anything for 25 minutes.  I will definitely keep you guys posted on my T25 journey - maybe weekly check ins!

Next is the Polar Heart rate Monitor Watch. I had always wanted one of these when I worked out before and I am really anxious to see what kind of calories I am burning with the new workout program. I purchased mine from for $89.99 (which seems to be the standard price). 

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