Thursday, October 24, 2013

DIY: Minnie & Mickey Mouse Costume

Throwback Thursday: Halloween Edition!

Last year I decided that I wanted to make Hubs and mine costumes and soon after I decided I must also wear a tutu. (I mean it's the one day a year you can wear anything you want and I apparently want to feel like a fancy five year old.) I spent a couple days looking over Pinterest, Etsy and the costume websites for inspiration when I saw the cutest picture of a couple dressed as Minnie & Mickey mouse. I liked it but I knew I could do better!

It was my first time home-making a costume and I was just blown away by how easy it was and how much we ended up liking it. The hubs fav part was when he got visited by some very cute and excited little kids at Whole Foods. My favorite part was... you guessed it, the tutu ;)

We already had black long sleeve shirts, black leggings (he wore a pair of mine), yellow tennis shoes and the Minnie ears. We had to buy a few things but I spent no more than $50 on both of us.

Minnie: (Tutu supplies)
3 spools of red tulle
1 spool of red ribbon
For the tutu I used a method similar to this

Red Dickie's pants (from Goodwill, cut into shorts)
2 white large buttons (glued on with fabric glue)
Mickey Mouse ears (ordered from

This year I am at it again - and cannot wait to share our costume with you! Happy Halloween!

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