Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekends & Grilling & Meal Plan Monday

1. Weekend. Filled with fun, lounging and scares. 
This weekend I had girls happy hour on Friday, was a lazy bum Saturday afternoon, went to Fearshire Farms with the gang on Saturday night (so fun! but scary!) and then, once again, did very little Sunday except for prepping my lunches and waffles! Sometimes it is amazing to be lazy!

2. Grilling like a champ. 
I have wanted to purchase an indoor grill for a while, since we live in an apartment and can't legally do any proper grilling. I have looked at a lot of popular options online, read reviews and finally came across one that seemed worth the money and time to test.

I chose the Hamilton Beach Searing Grill, from Target $60, for several reasons. It has really great reviews, it has a drip pan drawer that closes into the grill (rather than sitting outside of it) and comes in 4 pieces, 3 of which go into the dishwasher (the lid, grill pan and drip pan). It is super simple machine to operate. To turn it on you plug it in and then there is a simple temperature dial that you set and a light comes on when that temperature has been reached. Voila!

I cooked these chicken tenders for about 6 minutes on each side, at 350, and they came out perfect. I really was just guesstimating on time and temperature because the one down side, is that it comes with no directions.

3. This week I'm eating...
  • Protein Waffles
  • Pumpkin Chobani
  • Grilled chicken tenders with broccoli
  • Apple with PB
  • Rotating dinners (Baked chicken stuffed with asparagus and cheddar is tonight!)

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