Monday, October 13, 2014

Kodiak Cakes Protein Waffles

I realized a while ago that meal prepping protein pancakes was maybe not the best idea.
Fresh? YUM. Four day old, slightly soggy pancakes? NOPE.

I have heard of protein waffles, taking the same pancake "batter" and putting it inside a waffle maker. Sounded good but nothing that made me run out and buy a waffle machine - until I realized that they might be perfect for meal prep. Toasting the waffle in the morning before eating it just may be the best idea I have ever had.

Fast forward to me getting an email from Hungry Girl with Kodiak Cakes protein waffles being one of the featured items, available at Target stores. All you do is add water and an egg to the mix and you are done! I ended up going that day. Because I'm crazy. Duh.

Protein Waffles (makes 3)
-1 C waffle mix
-1 C water (I used almond milk!)
-1 egg

For two: 327 cals | 7g fat | 41g carb | 4g sugar | 24g protein

Mix all ingredients and pour 1/2 cup into waffle maker. I found that my machine (Oster, $20 at Target) worked best on High for about 6 minutes to get the waffles that I like. 

These were so unlike any protein pancakes that I have ever made for myself. Fluffy and decadent feeling - totally unhealthy tasting! I toasted two this morning and it took away any sogginess and while they weren't as good as fresh, they were pretty close.

I love these, thumbs up, hooray! You have got to get your hands on these and make them, stat! 

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