Friday, October 10, 2014

DIY: Deer & Hunter Costume

Last year the Hubs and I went as a deer and hunter. Mostly because I had seen a tutorial on deer makeup and demanded that he follow suit with his costume. It was so easy and people just loved it! I hope this inspires you to make something your own this year! I spent less than $60 for both of our costumes - that's less than a pirate hat at a costume store!

Josh wore his own plaid shirt, jeans and boots. We bought him a vest and bright hunting hat at academy to complete the look. (Toy guns are too expensive! So we nixed that idea)

I had brown leggings and some tan colored flats already. I found a tan colored long sleeve shirt at old navy and decided to go with brown for my tutu. 

I used about 3 rolls of brown tulle and brown satin ribbon. I knew that I wanted a 16" tutu, that means  that the tulle strips needed to be 32". I got a piece of cardboard, cut it 12" x 32" and wrapped the tulle around it until the roll was out. I then cut on both ends. This is the EASIEST way to get uniform tulle strips. 
Then I take a very long piece of ribbon and tie it around a chair. I continuously add tulle strips until it is to the desired full-ness (aka does it cover my butt?) using this method. 

I already had a wide brown plastic headband that kind of matched my hair. I bought some brown twig-like stuff that was covered in "snow" from the floral department of Hobby Lobby and broke off sections that I felt looked appropriate for antlers. I glued them to the top of the headband with a glue gun. 
I then covered the area where I glued on the "antlers" with a piece of felt that I cut into a ear shape just to hide any mess and make them look more "finished".  I got a piece of dark brown and a piece of white felt. I cut the white pieces the same shape but smaller to fit inside the brown - very easy.

I used this tutorial as my guide on makeup.

PS.Check out my DIY Minnie & Mickey Mouse from last year!


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