Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bachelorette Gift Bags

As the Maid of Honor and host for my bestie's Bachelorette weekend I really wanted to put together some fun goodie bags for all the girls who made the effort to join us for the river weekend. I did tons of shopping for weeks ahead of time - spreading my expenses - I would advise this plan of attack for any soon to be MOH. It makes the whole process almost painless!

First, I had koozies made as a fun but useful keepsake for all the girls. They were a hit and the first ingredient for my goodie bags. I also ordered 10 bridal buttons (9 'team bride' and 1 'bride') from Etsy that were just too adorable not to. Then, based off of some bags I saw on Pinterest, I added ring pops, mini bottles of vodka, Advil packets, and penis straws (duh). I ended up with extras of almost everything so I just stuck 2 into the bags and figured the more, the merrier!

Personalized koozies!

Contents of the goodie bags

The gift bags, assembled and displayed with some of Sarah's gifts. 

I found clear-pink gift bags at Walmart for $1 and tied them with some extra grey and white chevron ribbon that I just happened to have but thought looked really cute. It all came together really nice and everyone loved all the little goodies. It was definitely not a necessity but a cute touch that I was really happy I spent the effort and extra money on. 

For Sarah's bride gift bag I started with all the same 'goodies' and I added a bachelorette tiara and sash, "I'm Getting Married, Bitches" tumbler, pink boa and other penis-shaped and pink-colored ridiculous things that she loved. 

Have you ever hosted a Bachelorette party? Did you find the whole thing stressful or enjoyable? I think my need to plan and over-think things helped me with this one, little stress to be had!

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