Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pic-less Post & Perspective

Well the start to my long labor day weekend was having my iPhone stolen from me at the grocery store so... I have no fun pictures of my fun weekend!

I was really down about it the entire morning, I was really letting it get the best of me.

"No clear pictures!"
"No fast loading of my Instagram feed!"
"No Siri to set myself reminders!"
"No talking turn by turn direction from maps! How will i get ANYWHERE?!"

I was a hot ass mess... about A PHONE.

Then I took my grandmother to lunch for her birthday and she really gave me some perspective. Maybe it did suck that something (albeit a material possession) that I loved and spent too much money on had been taken from me but I had a full life. I have a husband and animals that make up the best family I could ask for. I have a vehicle to get me to and from work and other places, like when I decide I need that blush at 9:00 pm on a Wednesday and can easily take myself to CVS. I have a full time job where I get to spend time with my dad and grandmother every single day. And they pay me! I have a group of great friends that make me laugh when I want to cry and definitely let me wallow in self pity at the loss of my precious phone, because they understand. I have all my limbs and have yet to lose my mind.

I mean, it still DOES suck that I am stuck using an iPhone 3 (dubbed iRelic) but in the grand scheme of things it's a blip in the radar of my life. And I will survive! Even if it takes some coaching from grandma and a night out drinking with my friends to realize life goes on, and it's as good as it ever was.

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  1. hahaha good luck surviving with an iphone 3