Thursday, July 18, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday!

Breakfast: Green smoothie - Peach Pie edition! 
Snack 1: Raspberries and a cheese stick! 
Lunch: Greek Quinoa salad: mason jar edition! Forgot to snap a pic but you get the idea!

Snack 2: Imma be real with ya'll I had a chocolate rice krispie treat. It was delicious!

Then we had a customer come into the shop and I bought 2 dozen FRESH EGGS. They had been laid the day before! This women had always eaten a lot of eggs so one day her husband decided to build her a pen and buy her some pet chickens. She doesn't pump them full of antibiotics or hormones, they aren't stuffed in coops like sardines. These are free "pet" chickens. And the eggs were so good! I don't know that I had ever had a fresh eggs before! So I naturally had to make them immediately for dinner. 
Dinner: 4 scrambled eggs with sautéed onion, garlic and spinach, topped with Sriracha! TASTY.
Dessert: I may or may not have had an ice cream Snickers. It's the hubs fault. Ok, it's my fault. Damn!


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