Wednesday, September 10, 2014

80th Birthday Party & Decor

My family and I recently threw a party for my grandmother's 80th birthday! To create our festive atmosphere we were inspired by Pinterest and her favorite color, purple. It all turned out pretty cute and everyone had a great time. Success!

Purple tissue pom-pons from Martha Stewart at Michaels//80 traced and cut from purple poster then used spray adhesive and glitter. 

Vanilla and Buttercream purple ombre cake ordered from Carrie Made the Cake! 15 chocolate and 15 vanilla cupcakes from the Sam's bakery - great taste, low price! 

How cute is my sweet grandmother?! 

We were Pin-spired to make these app cups. Clear cups, fill 1/4 with ranch dressing and add sliced veggies! Such a pretty way to incorporate healthy snacks into the mix. 

Hope this gives you some inspiration for your next party. A little planning goes a long way to make things look and feel festive and fun! 

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  1. Such lovely 80th birthday party and d├ęcor. Those appetizers are striking. I wish I could have eaten them right now. Anyways, on this weekend there is a family party at the nearest Los Angeles venues. There will be loads of games too along with special activities for the kids. Hoping to have a nice time over there.